Friends of Parkwood Surgery

The Friends of Parkwood Surgery

Our Terms of Reference

Title of Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The name of the PPG for this surgery will be “The Friends of Parkwood Surgery” (FPS).


National Association of PPGs

FPS is affiliated to the National Association of PPGs.

The practice pays the annual subscription; FPS committee members will have access to the members area of the site and be provided with a copy of the newsletter.



The PPG cannot act as a channel for pursuing personal complaints from patients.

The practice has a defined and published complaints procedure.


Purpose of PPG

The primary objective of the FPS committee is to promote and encourage good health for patients of Parkwood Drive Surgery, and the wider community where possible.

FPS is a non-profit making organisation.

The Friends of Parkwood Surgery aims to:-

Provide a voice for the patients.

Support patients to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Review all patient feedback and suggestions and present this to the practice.

Work with the practice on initiatives to improve services and patient experience.

Conduct surveys and research to establish what matters to patients, analyse and discuss findings with the practice and engage in planning actions to implement improvement.

Encourage patients in their own healthcare by various means, e.g. providing information via leaflets or the practice website, or organising events such as health talks.

Support the organisation or development of support groups for patients and/or their carers.

Fundraise for specific purposes that will benefit patients and the practice.

For 2022-23, the primary objectives will be:

The provision of health talks on key subjects, using a variety of methods to reach as wide an
audience as possible.

To re-establish our arrangements for the ‘First Steps’ health walks for patients and one or more
exercise classes.

To understand in more detail how the practice operates so that FPS can better inform patients to help add clarity about the various processes accessed by patients.

To manage social media accounts for FPS.

To create and manage a website for FPS, open to everyone.

Ensure compliance with GDPR.

Launch our revised membership policy and communications approach, in conjunction with the practice.

Reaching a wider patient audience.

Fund raising for items to be used in the practice to the benefit of patients.


Support Groups

Where patients request a support group for a given subject, FPS will support the development and set-up of the Group and its constitution.

Each support group will require its own committee, which should include at least one FPS committee member who will provide updates to FPS.

Support groups may use FPS in its branding and publicity.


Fund Raising

Our primary focus is promoting health and wellbeing, but we also raise funds in order to run events such as health talks and to enable the purchase of specific items that will benefit both patients and the practice.

Funds will always be used for the benefit of Parkwood Surgery patients and the wider community where appropriate and possible.

Fund raising is not a primary objective of FPS.

Should the FPS PPG cease to operate, all funds and assets will be donated to another PPG, if they are providing services to patients of Parkwood Surgery; may be donated to Parkwood Surgery for a specific purpose benefitting patients; or may be donated to a charity or charities decided by the FPS committee.


FPS Income and Financial Management

All funds received by FPS will be managed by the Treasurer, paid into the FPS bank account.

All expenditure will be agreed by the committee, and minuted for formal records.

Payments will be actioned by the Treasurer.

Payments may be made by bank transfer using online banking, via the FPS Paypal account or by cheque:
if the latter, this will require both the Treasurer and one additional signatory to countersign the cheque.

The Treasurer will keep records of all income and expenditure.

Since FPS is a non-profit organisation, a simple balance sheet will be produced at the end of each financial year, which for FPS will fall on 31 December.

FPS will provide a summary of expenditure, showing spend on administrative costs and spend on initiatives benefitting patients, and make this available to FPS members.


Membership of FPS: from September 2022

Membership is open to all patients of the practice

All new patients will be automatically enrolled on joining the practice, unless they opt out.

All existing patients will be advised of the intention to automatically enrol them into the PPG on the above date, unless they opt out.

No membership form will be required, as the practice will manage both membership and FPS

There is no membership fee.

Leaving the practice or removal of a patient from the practice list will disqualify them from membership of FPS.

FPS may choose to offer an option via our website to receive emails directly from FPS where the patient proactively signs up to this service, which will be operated by the FPS committee independently of the FPS communications issued by the practice on our behalf.


Membership Types

Friend of Parkwood Surgery

All patients, unless they opt out, will receive the FPS newsletter, have opportunities to contribute their views and ideas for improvements and initiatives and attend FPS events.

Close Friend

willing to help organise or manage a specific event or contribute to initiatives, but perhaps unable to commit to full time committee duties. This could be in person or by email.

Committee Member

The committee runs the FPS group. They represent patient views to the practice during
monthly meetings, work with the practice on initiatives, decide on and organise events and manage fund raising.


FPS Committee

The FPS committee operates wholly by consent among its committee volunteers. It is guided in all its work by its collective judgement of what, in any particular circumstance, is in the best interest of the practice and patients.

The committee shall have no fixed size limit, welcoming all volunteers to join the committee, though it is recognised that 20 committee members is optimal.

The committee will include, but is not limited to, the following roles, and may define other specific roles according to the skills of the volunteers and requirements of the PPG to operate:-

Chair Person *
Treasurer *
Secretary *
Communications Officer *
Practice Manager
GP representative (optional)

Key committee roles * will be assigned for two years, or until the individual wishes to stand
down if less than two years.

Roles will then be open to all committee members: this does not preclude the role being assigned to the same person for a consecutive term.

The Deputy Practice Manager may deputise for the Practice Manager at committee meetings.

At the committee’s discretion, non-patient members may be permitted to join the committee.

The committee will select its Chair Person, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer by
majority agreement.


Period of Office for FPS Committee Members

Committee members are free to remain members of the committee for as long as they wish.
Assignment of Key Roles will be reviewed at least every two years.

Any committee member may resign at any time, for practical reasons a minimum of 1 month’s notice is required.

Any patient may nominate themselves to join the committee, either as a full member or as a Close Friend supporting specific initiatives.

The committee will be responsible for filling key committee roles.


FPS Committee Responsibilities

The committee consists of the FPS committee members and any other person the committee agrees to appoint, as needed.

The committee shall manage the affairs of FPS.

In the absence of the Chair the attending committee members will agree and appoint an acting Chair for that meeting.

Committee meetings shall be held at an agreed frequency, not less than quarterly.



Minutes of committee meetings shall be kept by the Secretary.

Minutes will capture discussion points and record decisions made.

Minutes will be shared with committee members, signed off and stored for future reference.

Minutes may be made available to patients, on request.



Decisions at any FPS meeting shall be decided by a simple majority of those committee members present at the meeting.

No member shall exercise more than one vote. In case of equality of votes, the Chair shall have the casting vote.



If the committee decides at any time that on any grounds it is necessary to dissolve the PPG it shall call a special general meeting, and dissolution may be confirmed by agreement of the committee.


Alterations to the Terms of Reference

Any proposal to alter this document must be presented to the committee for consideration, and will be decided by a simple majority of those voting at the meeting.


Adoption of these Terms of Reference

This Terms of Reference was agreed and adopted by the FPS committee at the meeting on 14 March 2022.