Friends of Parkwood Surgery

FPS' Knit and Natter - Tuesdays 2-4pm

Started 10th January 2023

The Friends of Parkwood organises a weekly ‘knit and natter’ group on Tuesdays between 2.00 and 4.00pm. 

The session is held at the Community Hall on Great Sturgess Road and is open to anybody who wishes to take part.

If you want to get involved, give Val Day a call on 01442 255449.

“This is roughly what I feel about our group, as a “newbie”
There’s an activity happening in Sturgess community hall
– Knit & Natter.
Mmmmmm boring, old biddies sitting around smelling of lavender, clacking needles & gossiping.
How wrong could I be……

Yes, there is knitting 
Yes, there is chatting
Yes, there is tea & cake
That’s where it ends….
I’m not a knitter but I found inspiration to try to learn from knitting a simple little teddy.
Now, fired up, I want to master a knitting pattern. I never, ever thought I would be so enthusiastic about a bit of wool……

It doesn’t stop there, we also discuss world affairs, “our affairs” & generally put the world to rights.
What’s not to love, come & join us.
Every Tuesday 2 ‘til 4″

Hilary Lawrence