Friends of Parkwood Surgery

Introduction to Pilates

Feel the benefits of Pilates with a gentle class designed especially for you.

The Fit Hut
Unit 18A
Binghams Park Farm, Potten End Hill, HP1 3BN

Pilates is a great way to exercise the whole body inside and out.

Each exercise can be adapted and modified to suit any fitness level, ability, age and gender; plus it is a great addition to any and all fitness goals, helping promote strength, stability and mobility and improves tight, stiff and achy joints and muscles.

Pilates also helps correct posture and prevent injury and if that’s not enough, it can help manage stress, fatigue, and mood, leaving you feeling ready to tackle anything!

All of our classes are aimed at Mixed Levels who have no current injuries and who want to work on correcting posture, developing deep core strength, improving flexibility, creating a leaner physique, preventing injury and most importantly enjoying all the health benefits that come along with regular Pilates exercise whatever your age!

If you would like to add Pilates to your fitness regime, we are currently offering all Friends of Parkwood Surgery members A FREE Trial Pass to come along and try out one of our Pilates Classes, plus a further 10% discount on all of our Pilates Courses.


Live & Online Pilates

Mondays 9.30am – Full Body Pilates Conditioning – Beginners

Wednesday 6.30pm – Weekly Special Pilates – Mixed Level

Friday 9.45am – Older Adults Specialised Seated Pilates

Saturday 9am – Fitness Pilates – Mixed Level

In House At The Fit Hut

Thursdays 11am – Older Adults Specialised Standing & Matwork Pilates

1-1 and Private Small Group Options also available

To Book Call Head Coach Jo Regardsoe 07786 156653 or email or visit