Friends of Parkwood Surgery

The Friends of Parkwood Surgery

Meet the Committee

We are Parkwood patients who volunteer our time to represent and support you.

The committee meets regularly to select, shape and organise FPS initiatives and events, and we do this in consultation with the surgery to ensure that everything we do is in the best interests of Parkwood Surgery and all its patients.

The committee is arranging drop in sessions so that you can come and talk to us, in person and online, about what works well or what could be improved at Parkwood Surgery and what you would like the FPS committee to focus its time on.

Please see our Events page for dates and locations.

Yvonne Metcalf


I joined the FPS committee in 2019 and became Chair in April 2022 .

I am a registered social worker with a major interest in children and their families.

I am passionate about supporting patients of all ages, heritages and identities to engage with the surgery so that they can work together to achieve the best outcomes in terms of their health and wellbeing.

Lloanne Lees


I have been a Parkwood patient since I moved to Hemel in 2003, joined the committee after attending an FPS health talk on Diabetes in 2016 and became FPS Secretary in 2017, utilising skills from my day job.

I’m enthusiastic about improving engagement between patients and the practice and supporting patients in becoming better informed on health matters.

Jo Bullen


I’ve been a patient of Parkwood Surgery my whole life and a member of the FPS committee since 2018.

In my day job, I’m Head of English at a local secondary school and I’m a big believer in education as a means to living a healthier and happier life.

I manage the FPS mailbox, Facebook and Twitter pages, using these to promote our activities and provide general information to our members. 

I’m particularily passionate about people’s health and ensuring we communicate effectively with younger members.

Sue Durham



I’ve been a patient at the surgery since moving into the area in 1979, joined the committee in 2018 and became Treasurer in 2021.

After working as a librarian in Hertfordshire for over 25 years I’m now retired and have joined the committee to help fellow patients engage with the practice and work together to improve services and the patient experience.

Jacquie Humphrey


I have been a patient at Parkwood Surgery in excess of 54 years and often thought of joining the patients representative team, following successful employment at Hemel General Hospital in various positions over a period of many years.

I was nominated to join the committee and served representing the patients, before being selected to be Chair, a position I have now relinquished, but one which I have enjoyed immensely for the past 5 years.

During that time patients comments, some very good, some good and some not, have been excellently scrutinised by our team and used to great effect.

Valerie Day


I have been a patient of Parkwood Surgery for 68 years and joined the committee of The Friends of Parkwood Surgery in October 2017 after being co-opted by Dr Brazier.

A retired Veterinary Nurse, Lecturer and Meals on Wheels Manager for DBC, my main interests are all forms of craftwork and gardening, fund raising, raffles etc. for extra equipment for the surgery and patient welfare.

Pre covid 19 I ran the “Knit and Natter” group which I hope to start up again soon.

Hilary Lawrence


I’ve been a patient of Parkwood Drive Surgery for many years but wasn’t aware of The Friends of Parkwood Surgery.

Then Jacquie Humphrey introduced me to the FPS and what it aims to achieve for Parkwood Surgery patients before sweetly persuading me to join, along with many others.

Getting contributions for the Christmas raffles, rooms for meetings and circulating FPS notices have been good to do.

Unfortunately all this came to a stop due to Covid and the dreaded ZOOM made an appearance….

Hopefully things are now returning to some normality and the FPS will continue to help patients gain more insight into what we can do for them.

Richard Cartwright


I joined the FPS commitee in 2021 and my main contribution so far has been to set up this website with help from my FPS colleagues.

In my day job, I work as a development engineer designing head and respiratory protection products.


Ian Morris


Simon Jackman


John Howard