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Patient Access Guide

Requesting Repeat Prescriptions

From 01 March 2023, Parkwood Surgery will no longer accept email requests for repeat prescriptions whether submitted by you, or your nominated pharmacy.

This is because this method adds extra work for practice staff and delays the processing of your request.

To make the repeat prescription request process more effective, patients should submit their requests through the Patient Access website.

Requests submitted this way go direct to a GP for approval.

To be able to manage your repeat prescriptions going forwards you need to complete these steps:-

  • Step 1 – select two forms of ID, one with your photo
  • Step 2 – Request a Registration Letter
  • Step 3 – Register for a Patient Access account and sync to Parkwood Surgery

Once complete, you can request repeat prescription online.

Please click the buttons below to review our Repeat Prescription Process and Repeat Prescription Guide which will walk you through the steps you need to follow (click on any of the slide images, or use the arrows underneath to move back and forward in the Slide Presentation as required.

Please also click below to access our video guide on how to register for Patient Access.