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FPS is Proud to Support HWE DSG

Herts & West Essex Diabetes Support Group (HWE DSG)

We’re hosting details for HWE DSG here whilst their website is under development

HWE DSG has a single purpose – to support people with Diabetes by helping them to better understand and manage their condition.

This is achieved through a programme of:-

  • Monthly webinars given by local experts responsible for our care
  • A regular electronic newsletter on subjects of interest
  • Providing a safe collaborative environment in which we can support each other.

Who Can Attend HWE DSG Events?

The HWE DSG programme is open to anyone living in Hertfordshire and West Essex who has diabetes, as at risk of developing diabetes, and the families and carers of those with the condition.

To see our webinar schedule and book your place, or to view recordings of previous webinars, please see the Webinars section below.


Join our Closed Facebook Group

HWE DSG has developed an active social media policy to promote activities and provide a safe place for people with Diabetes to collaborate on issue of concern.

The Facebook Group is a closed group limited to people who have Diabetes, are at risk of Diabetes, and families/carers of those with the condition.

There are strict ground rules for the Facebook Group to ensure that it is a safe and trusted environment in which people can be certain that an open dialogue is possible and any confidential information is secure.

To join the HWE DSH closed Facebook Group please click the button below;

Find out about Co-production of Diabetes Services in our Area

Co-production of Diabetes Services is a way of ensuring that people with Diabetes are actively engaged in helping to shape how

Primary and Secondary Care Services evolve in the future.

HWE DSG is actively engaged with the Diabetes Steering Group in South & West Herts and also the Hertfordshire Integrated

Diabetes Service (HIDS) operation in co-designing and reviewing both current and new services to ensure that high quality input is

available to the Service Providers in our area.

We will discuss with Providers in both East & North Herts and West Essex to evaluate how our members in these areas can be similarly engaged in co-production.

If you would like to be involved in co-production of services, please send your email address to HWE DSG at

giving the first three letters of your postcode.


The HWE DSG Committee

The committee consists of volunteers who give their time to arrange our webinars, publicise our events, engage support from local

patient participation groups (PPGs) and GP practices, engage with the service providers, and represent your views and suggestions

that can help improve their services to us, all with the aim of improving health outcomes for you.

HWE DSG is currently seeking volunteers to join the committee to assist with communications and social media, web site

development and management, fund raising and grants, and more general input to the management of HWE DSG activities.

If you can help or would like to know more, please contact us at

Thank you.

HWE DSG Upcoming Webinars

Click the link to see more details and book your place on the webinar: HWE DSG will confirm your booking and email details for joining the event.

 Next Webinar to be confirmed

Recordings from previous webinars

19 October 2022 – Is Type 2 Diabetes Remission Possible?

Speaker: Dr David Unwin, Lead GP in Southport with 8 years experience of success

21 September 2022 – Type 2 Diabetes Medications

Speaker: Charles Odiase, Consultant Pharmacist

20 July 2022 – Diabetes and Healthy Eating

Presented by Cecila Anghel, Herts Senior Diabetes Dietician

15 June 2022 – Love Your Feet


20 April 2022 – Why Good Diabetes Control is Important

Presented by Dr C. Kong

16 March 2022 – What is Diabetes 

Presented by Dr C. Kong and Dr A. Faizy – Diabetes leads for Acute and Primary Care in S&W Herts